blue ball
C. Jordan Ball III
Tel: 757-425-6200
Senior Software Engineer
JS(TS)/HTML/CSS | React | React-Native | Swift/iOS
Former attorney turned programmer/web developer, with experience designing and building full-stack web applications within the NodeJS/Express environment, extensive experience with front-end framework React, and developer of mobile apps with React Native and Swift/iOS. Highly skilled as a problem solver, ranked 1st or 2nd out of 125,000+ users on the coding challenge website (work can be viewed at A lifelong learner who combines a love of new technologies with a passion for digging deep into programming fundamentals.
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Swift(UI), C, Rust (currently learning)
Server-Side Frameworks
NodeJS, Express, Swagger
Front-End Frameworks
React/Redux, React-Native, NextJS, Angular, AngularJS
MongoDB / Mongoose, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, GraphQL
Jest, React Testing Library, React Native Testing Library
AWS (EC2, S3, Route53, IAM), web extensions, Git/GitHub, Bitbucket, Webpack, Docker, Digital Ocean, Pivotal Tracker, JIRA, agile development, dotCMS, Contentful
Prior Experience
An Array of Strings, LLC (December 2021 to Present)
Founder and member of group performing classical music for weddings, receiptions an similar events. In addition to performing on viola and classical guitar, am the primary responsible individual for organizing rehearsals and recording sessions, and handled all development of website at
WillowTree (February 2019 to May 2023)
Software engineer working to create awe-inspiring apps the web and mobile devices. Projects included revision of customer facing site for major water utility, award-winning web apps for international restaurant chains, creation of web page extension currently available in app stores for Chrome, Edge and Safari browsers, multiple React Native projects including a recent Webby award-winning app for Meals on Wheels.
Ball Web Development (January 2018 to 2019)
Creation of online video courses for aspiring programmers/web developers. Solely responsible for all aspects of creation of two highly rated courses published on, JumpStart JavaScript and The Joy of RegEx!. Tasks included research, writing content, scripting, filming, editing, and publication.
Collabera, Inc. (September 2017 to December 2018)
Contract position working with large team redeveloping user-facing portion of website of one of America's largest health insurance companies. Implemented designs in Angular, wrote extensive unit tests, worked with Agile/SAFE team of developers, UX testers, and designers.
Shockoe (August 2016 to May 2017)
Software engineer creating web applications for large corporate clients. Lead development role in setting up application using Angular 4 framework enabling national retailer to manage inventory through mobile devices used by employees connected to company database. Lead front-end developer for application allowing employees to make reservations on corporate buses and for managers to supervise bus movement and ridership.
Lumiary (May 2016 to July 2016)
Contract position working as a developer for team updating front end of a customer data application then employing a Backbone/Marionette framework. Created new views to designer specifications as well as updating/debugging previously created views. Preparatory tasks to assist development of React/Redux app to replace previous product.
CaseNex (August 2015 to February 2016)
Software developer on team designing and implementing large-scale commercial web-based application for the education market. Responsible for programming throughout the development stack, including basic design and layout of app components, implementing components using JavaScript/React/Flux, setting up routes in a REST routing structure using Swagger, writing PostgreSQL database queries to react with application API, and distributing application state data as needed through a Flux event framework.
blue ball
C. Jordan Ball III
Senior Software Engineer
JS(TS)/HTML/CSS | React | React-Native | Swift/iOS
Manhattan School of Music
Bachelor of Music - Classical Guitar
New York City
Georgetown University Law Center
Juris Doctor
Washington, D.C.
New York University School of Law
LL.M - Taxation
New York City
General Assembly
Web Development Immersive
Seattle, WA

Full-time immersive coding boot camp, building web apps using MEAN stack and Ruby/Rails framework. Devoted approximately 80 to 90+ hours per week, including class sessions, homework, and building full-scale web applications. Graduated with extensive experience in designing and building web apps from front-end design to server-side/database.

Harvard University/edX
CS50 - Introduction to Computer Science

Harvard’s gateway computer science course. Although considered one of the most rigorous undergraduate courses at Harvard, it has proved so popular that in 2015 it was adopted by Yale as its introductory computer science course, via lectures streamed from the Harvard campus!

The first two-thirds of this twelve-week course are implemented in C, followed by sections addressing the Internet, web applications, and computer security, utilizing PHP, JavaScript, SQL, and other common web languages/frameworks. Graded assignments consist of nine problem sets plus a final project. Topics covered include: C syntax and programming structures; debugging techniques, particularly use of the gdb debugging tool; analysis and implementation of algorithms, with a focus on asymptoptic run times of common searching and sorting algorithms; data structures, including arrays, trees, tries, hash tables, linked lists, queues, and stacks; memory allocation and management, including use of pointers, heap, and stack memory; and file input/output, both dynamically and at the command line.

Code Fellows
Foundations II: Javascript
Seattle, WA

Survey of the fundamentals of JavaScript, including basics of functional, asynchronous programming, object-oriented JavaScript concepts, AJAX/JSON, use of libraries such as Lodash, Underscore, jQuery, use of Git/GitHub.

blue ball
C. Jordan Ball III
Senior Software Engineer
JS(TS)/HTML/CSS | React | React-Native | Swift/iOS
Below is a partial listing of relevant self-study onliine courses I have completed over the last several years. In addition to title, courses are identified by the year of completion. Unless otherwise noted, these courses were offered online, through distribution channels such as Udemy,, Treehouse.
ChatGPT - The Complete Guide to ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs (In Progress)
Next.js & React - The Complete Guide (2022)
GitHub Actions - The Complete Guide (2023)
React Testing Library and Jest: The Complete Guide (2023)
React Native - The Practical Guide (2022)
iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Dev Camp (2021)
Master iOS Auto Layout (Udemy - 2021)
CS193p - Developing Apps for iOS (using SwiftUI) (Stanford - 2021)
Docker for DevOps (2017)
Docker Technologies for DevOps and Developers (2017)
React Native with Redux (2017)
Advanced React and Redux (2017)
Build Web Apps with React and Flux(2015)
The Complete Developer's Guide to MongoDB (2016)
Complete Guide to Angular 4 (2016)
Webpack2: The Complete Developer's Guide (2016)
ES6 JavaScript: The Complete Developer's Guide (2015)
NodeJS Basics (2017)
NodeJS Codeless API Creation: Up and Running with Swagger (2017)
Use D3 to Build Interactive Charts with JavaScript (2015)
Git Basics (2014)
HTML / HTML Tables / HTML Forms (2015)
CSS Basics (2014)
CSS - Beyond the Basics (2014)
Ruby Basics (2014)
Java Basics (2014)
AJAX Basics (2014)
NodeJS Basics (2014)
Understanding “this” in JavaScript (2014)